Monday, March 19, 2012


This year birhday aku sgt meaningful..walaupun xcelebrate mcm org lain with cakes n presents yg byk tp bgg aku dis. Year cukup brmakna. For the first time ayah send an sms wish bday utk aku. Terharu..before slalu lupa but diis year die siap wish lg. Celebrate with cousins shida n aswad. Even just mkn2 d uptown damansara tp utk pertama kali celebrate with cousins yg same bulan n tahun cume beza ari je. And lastly first time celebrate with my love one, boyfriend. B4 dis xpenah sempat nk celebrate with a boyfriend n dpt present dr a boyfriend. But dis year he made my day so meaningful. Even xde kek o bwk aku pg xpensive restaurant tp the important thing is die ade dgn aku..dat enuf..i love u, i lov my dad n i love my cousins..i love u all.. And thanks for all the wishes..;-)

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