Friday, March 15, 2013


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Gambar lame mase December 2011. tahun arwah meninggal. arwah tak sempat nk g holiday ngn family, tiket sume dh beli tp Allah telah memanggil nya dahulu.. time ni rambut aku panjang lg..hahaha...


Alhamdulillah kami masih bersama. doakan kami supa di percepatkan jodoh. AMIN..


Dah lame sgt aku tngglkan blog. anything skang ni aku update kt TUMBLR je. tu pn lebih kpd gmbr. Inshaa Allah aku akn mule menulis balik jika ade masa kelapangan. Dh 5 bulan aku bertukar kerje. no longer keje kt ipoh. Since abg aku pn dh pindah balik kg stay ngn ayah aku, so aku pn cr la keje yg selama ni aku cari. n Alhamdulillah dpt, that y skang ni aku stay kt kl keje kt cni. So far ok. tp biase la bile sume nye kene sendiri, agak struggle jgk la tp i have to, samapi bile nk bergantung dgn family?. its time to b independent. Miss my family so much. every month balik utk menghilangkan rindu pada mereka, melawat kubur arwah. tp doa tak pernah lupe. Since dh lme sgt tak update, aku nk upload skit gmbr2 utk tatapan walaupn takde yg tgk..hahaha

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


honestly it is no easy to have a long distance relationship. we need trust n honesty. dats the basic for having a long distance relationship. in dis situasion with my not easy...but i hv to put a 100% trust on him...n be honest with him especially wit ur self.. a few tips dat i found in the internet.:

1- Use the phone

Natasha Grach and her boyfriend have been together for seven years, and it was not easy at first. "We started our relationship apart for six months -- we were both college freshmen and he was in Russia studying abroad," she explains. "We kept things going by talking on the phone a lot -- sometimes as much as six to seven hours at a time!"

And to make matters worse, talking on the phone for that long wasn't cheap. "Yes, there were calling cards, but that was such a hassle for us and they ran out really quickly with all those maintenance charges," she adds.

Grach advises not to let the logistics get in the way of talking on the phone with your partner everyday -- it's one of the most important things you can do to make a long distance relationship work.

The good news that is even if your cell phone plan doesn't include unlimited national long distance -- or your love lives outside the country's borders -- you still have options.

To cut on the phone costs, she suggests using a service like VoxOx, a free Web application that combines Skype, Vonage, Google Voice and Digsby. That way, you can communicate with your beau without a financial hurdle.

2- Take advantage of other modes of communication

If you can't reach each another on the phone, then e-mail, IM and text messaging will do, says Falzone. "When you're stuck in a meeting halfway across the world, it's always heartwarming to receive a loving text message from your sweetheart," he points out. "Set aside a certain time, every day, to connect with each other."

With such busy lives and so many obligations pulling at you from all different directions, it's easy to neglect communicating. Using other modes of communication will keep you and your partner close even though you're technically far away from each other.

3- Keep the romance alive

You and your beau might not see each other every day, but it's important to keep the love going and present. "Give a little something -- mail a gift, write a love song, send a balloon-o-gram, order lunch and have it delivered to your honey -- just make it happen," says Falzone.

"You're not physically together all the time to enjoy those little extras that your sweetheart might do for you (like bringing you a latte made just the way you like it). Your sweetie will feel cherished knowing that you're thinking of him enough to send a special surprise." Plus, he will probably return the gesture and will make you feel super-special.

4- Partake in an even-trip exchange

Odds are you and your love will be visiting each other. It's important to make this even to avoid a disgruntled other-half. "Make sure that each person takes a turn visiting the other's city," says Debra Berndt, a dating and relationship expert, and author of the book, "Let Love In." "This way no one feels as though they are doing all the traveling, thus making all the effort in the relationship."

5- Don't take things (too) personally

Things will get in the way so be prepared. Since you and your partner live separately, odds are you'll maintain your lives in your own cities (as you probably should). It will help your relationship if you remain understanding and flexible.

"Changes in plans come up, work gets in the way and family emergencies emerge as a normal part of life. If your partner cancels a trip, do not take it personally and make a huge deal over the change (unless it becomes a regular pattern of behavior)," says Berndt. "Remember that you accepted the relationship as it is and must adjust to last minute cancellations as part of the deal."

Monday, March 19, 2012


This year birhday aku sgt meaningful..walaupun xcelebrate mcm org lain with cakes n presents yg byk tp bgg aku dis. Year cukup brmakna. For the first time ayah send an sms wish bday utk aku. Terharu..before slalu lupa but diis year die siap wish lg. Celebrate with cousins shida n aswad. Even just mkn2 d uptown damansara tp utk pertama kali celebrate with cousins yg same bulan n tahun cume beza ari je. And lastly first time celebrate with my love one, boyfriend. B4 dis xpenah sempat nk celebrate with a boyfriend n dpt present dr a boyfriend. But dis year he made my day so meaningful. Even xde kek o bwk aku pg xpensive restaurant tp the important thing is die ade dgn aku..dat enuf..i love u, i lov my dad n i love my cousins..i love u all.. And thanks for all the wishes..;-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ya Allah..kuatkan semangat aku utk face sume masalah. Yg aku hadap skang ni..sesungguhnye aku sgt lemah..d pendam sakit pada siapa aku nk mengadu? Xde sapa nk dgr rintihan aku..besa dugaan yg Kau bg pada aku. Mak..i wish u here. Aku dh xmampu. Sungguh aku dh tak mampu. Im all alone..