Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Its not dat I totally 4get arwah mak..it juz dat im scare to think n remember n to miz her.. Coz whenever I think about her..i emotionally breakdown n really cnt handle my sadness.. I miz her so much..i miz her alot.. Im not strong enuff..bt im pretended to b.honestly I miz her every second..im avoiding to seeing at her pictures coz immediately im gonna cry. People might seeing me smile n happy but deep down im not sometime. I cnt b alone coz so many things on my mind when im alone.
Im weak..im totally weak. Bt im pretended to b strong n dont mind bout certain things. People might thinking that im heartless n mayb changing,. Yes i've learned to b harsh. I've trained my heart to b heartless. For my own good. Everytime I b like dat, im crying coz I know I hurt someone I love..im sorie for dat bt I hv to or. Im gonna hurt myself even more.. I've been hurt sooo many many time. Even my heart didnt hv more time to heal, it broke...even worst. Hv to blame myself for being sooo easy to fell.. From dat, i've learned. Im sorie..i know i've hurt u alot. Didnt mean to....
We already know dat, in a relationship should hv different personality or attitude so dat we can complete each other. Am I rite? Hv u ever think in a relationship, if both of them fragile? Yg cni merajuk n the same time partner die pn merajok.. Dont u think its gonna b worst?..hmm..

Im going to far actly.. Started with other story end up with cerita lain.. Juz a heart talk b4 sleep..


One of my fav muvi... muvi ni bg aku semangat bile aku rase down sbb single. well..im human being n ade hati n perasaan. ingin rase disayangi n d cintai n d rindui...(oh my..what am i saying?...hahhaha)..dulu bile aku rase down d permainkan lelaki aku akn tgk cite ni..take note..hahha..pathetic sungguh kan...

Tp seriously, pd gadis2 yg single tu, i suggest tgk la cite ni. sbb cite ni bwt aku appreciate mase single aku. barisan pelakon nye pn otai2 sume..such as...
# Ben Affleck
# Jennifer Aniston
# Drew Barrymore
# Jennifer Connelly
# Kevin Connolly
# Bradley Cooper
# Ginnifer Goodwin
# Scarlett Johansson
# Justin Long

He's Just Not That into You
cari la cite ni..
note-beli yg original ok..

Tambahan- sign he's just not that into u...

If He Shows Himself, Believe Him

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” — This is my favorite quote by Maya Angelou. It so succinctly conveys an important life lesson, that when followed will prevent a lot of disappointment (in more areas than just your love life).

Recently one of my clients began dating someone and while each date was “good” there were signs, that now in hindsight (she has broken up with him) were distinct warnings that the relationship was doomed.

Lessons Learned

He was an attractive, charismatic guy who said all the right things, but his actions were subtlety contradictory. It started out very small — he said, “I’ll call you back in an hour” and that turned into the next day. She was able to rationalize this because he works long hours and has a lot on his mind. But with nearly each interaction, the inconsistency between words and action grew louder — he “loves” kids, but EVERY one he saw when they were together was a “brat” or “annoying”.

Luckily, she was cognizant of each sign and was able to exit the relationship before things went too far. Hearing her story reminded me of how important it is to be aware of “signs” in a relationship. No different than if you were driving down an unfamiliar street, you need to be aware of every posted sign, otherwise you may never reach your intended destination.

Here are some telltale signs that the person you’re dating is conveying suspect behavior.

If He Makes An Abrupt Change Of Plans

Changing plans once, I get. Twice is bad but I could understand. Anything else is just downright disrespectful. His actions are saying that you are not a priority, you’re an option and not the best choice at the moment. Say bye-bye!

If He’s M.I.A. (Missing In Action)

Sure, they could be on a quick mission to Afghanistan to execute the world’s most feared terrorist, but chances are they’re not. Be leery of those who disappear for a few days, stop all communication, and then call suddenly. No thanks!

If He’s Aggressive

Is he pushing for sex on the second date? Asking you why he hasn’t met your parents, and it’s only date # 3?? Any behavior that is forceful, especially early on, will only progress in the future. Just say no!

If He’s Uncertain

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

If that becomes their most frequent line when preparing for a date, prepare for a life of boredom. This guy lacks spontaneity and creativity. He’s telling you that he only wants to follow your lead or simply has no motivation. Pass!

If He Makes Too Many House Calls

“Can I come over to your place?” is his version of date night. Inviting someone to your house early in the relationship (or going to his) is an overall bad move. Let it be known that your home is not conducive to dating…there’s a world of activities outside of it. Anytime someone continuously makes this request, it’s clear they’re not interested in a serious relationship. Peace homie!

He Makes Frequent Mentions Of Past Relationships

Living in the past is extremely dangerous. If he can’t stop talking about how great the old flame was or how he enjoyed the things they did, chances are he still wishes he was in that moment. Do yourself (and him) a favor by letting him go to pursue her or to really prepare himself to be in a new relationship. Flag on the play!

He Makes Constant Comparisons

I’ll never forget what my wife told me the first time (and last time) I compared her to my momma. I said: I used to get a home-cooked meal every night. Her reply: perhaps you should move back in with her then! If you’re always being compared to someone else in their life, they haven’t yet fully appreciated your uniqueness. Later!

If He's Rude to Others

When you met, he was so polite. He even talked about how important it is to treat others the way you would want to be treated. But, it’s your third date and the waiter forgot the extra lemon wedges… before the waiter is out of earshot, he shouts “Stupid Motha F…” Hmmm…Is that the way he would want to be treated? Next!

Decide Carefully

Now, I’m not saying that any one these behaviors exhibited alone is the key to issue your man his “pink slip”, but if one or more of these signs persist in your relationship, don’t be afraid to show him who you are by standing up for what’s important to you and communicating those things that you will not tolerate. Doing otherwise will have him to believe that you will accept whatever is dished. Open dialogue is the key to sustaining a healthy relationship.

from google...

love urself first then u can love somebody else...

Monday, October 24, 2011


Sekadar hiburan...

~Kenali Wanita~~

a) Tanah - anak pertama, kelima, kesembilan.
b) Air - kedua, keenam, kesepuluh
c) Api - ketiga, ketujuh, kesebelas
d) Angin- keempat, kelapan, keduabelas

1) Merendah diri,serta hormat dan patuh, setia serta
rela berkorban.
2) Tidak cerewet, tidak meninggi diri, tidak
sombong dan bukan seorang pemarah.
3) Tenang diri, aman, dan memberi sokongan.
4) Tidak suka membantah atau membangkang
5) Berwatak manis, lemah lembut, bersih dan
sentiasa menjaga kecantikan.

1) Menghidupkan hati pasangan dan pemberi
2) Mengambil berat
3) Hatinya bersih dan boleh membahagiakan
4) Menenangkan pasangan.
5) Sangat romantis
6) Mudah menangis

1) Cintanya sentiasa hangat dan memberahikan
2) Cergas, cepat dlm gerak geri dan tangkas
menguruskan rumah tangga.
3) Penasihat yang baik
4) Pandai dan cekap mengurus rumahtangga
5) Pandai menghias diri agar kelihatan cantik selalu
6) Berwaspada selalu

1) Lemah lembut dan menenangkan
2) Pandai bermain kata dan memujuk rayu
3) Sopan santun dan berbudi pekerti mulia
4) Bijak mewujudkan suasana selesa.
5) Hati yang cepat berubah ubah

Diambil dr fb


Semua org tak nmpk kesalahan diri sendiri..masing2 akan salahkan org yg ade di depan kite..jarang yg kite jmpe org tu nk mengaku kesalahan diri. ok, mayb ade tp adekah mereka tu ikhlas mengaku kesalahan diri? mungkin sekadar mengaku sbb taknak berpanjangan. same jgk dlm mahkamah. sesetengah kes peguam akan bg nasihat spy mengaku bersalah sbb bile kte mengaku, kes selesai n hukuman pn xbyk..tu ape yg aku tgk dlm tv la kan.. cmtu jgk la dlm kehidupan seharian.

Im not perfect, everyone not perfect..never expect somebody we love to b perfect in everything coz in d end we might disappointing.
expect for less, we might get something priceless.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hope for the best in our relationship...
No words can express my heart...


Since bile lak la aku jd retro ni?..hahaha...dh la annual diner ari tu pn aku pakai retro gak...tu adalah baju arwah mak...yg best nye badan arwah lebih kurang besar aku je pn..cume kecik kan sikit je..banyak baju arwah yg vintage yg skang ni ade dlm simpanan aku cume aku tak berani nk pakai lg coz..u knw i stay in ipoh, if aku pakai yg aneh skit kang ni nmpk overdress...haha..xpe..smpn je..mayb next time bole pakai..cume skang ni yg aku slalu gune is handbeg arwah yg agak banyak. no need to buy a new handbeg for me. tarik nafas lega si dia..hahah...

photo by kak zai-thank for the nice picca...
Dress-arwah mak

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travis - Flowers In The Window

When I first held you i was cold
a melting snowman i was told
but there was no one there to hold before
i swore that i would be alone forever more

Wow look at you now
flowers in the window
its such a lovely day
and i'm glad you feel the same
cause to stand up, out in the crowd
you are one in a million
and i love you so
let's watch the flowers grow

there is no reason to feel bad
but there are many seasons to feel glad, sad, mad
it's just a bunch of feeling that we have...to hold
but i am here to help to with the load

Wow look at you now
flowers in the window
its such a lovely day
and i'm glad you feel the same
cause to stand up, out in the crowd
you are one in a million
and i love you so
let's watch the flowers grow

so now we're here and now is fine
so far away from there and there is time, time, time
to plant new seeds and watch them grow
so there'll be flowers in the window when we go

wow look at you now
flowers in the window
its such a lovely day
and i'm glad you feel the same
cause to stand up, out in the crowd
you are one in a million
and i love you so
let's watch the flowers grow

wow look at you now
flowers in the window
its such a lovely day
and i'm glad you feel the same
cause to stand up, out in the crowd
you are one in a million
and i love you so
let's watch the flowers grow

Sunday, October 16, 2011


gambar hiasan dari google

Memiliki kulit wajah yg tak berapa licin n flawless ni membuatkan aku skang ni agak obses utk lebih menjaga. tula dulu taknak jage elok2... sejarah kulit muke aku ni sbnr nye dr seawal aku darjah 6 skolah rendah lg dh ade jerawat..then sampai skang.. mayb keturunan kot..yeke? jerawat keturunan ke?..hahha.. skang ni since aku dgn si die, aku tak tau kenape aku rase aku kene jd cantik walaupn aku sbnr nye tak de la cantik sgt tp manis tu ade..hehehe... mungkin sbb ak rase die lg cantik dr aku kot...hahaha...sorie syg..ngeee....

So slalu jgk la aku google petua2 d dapur..memandangkan aku ade resdung n byk whitehead, so aku google la cmne nk hilangkan whitehead dgn cara yg murah dan mudah dan santai.. dah jumpe so aku try la and the result nye sungguh memberangsangkan..teruja sungguh aku bile hasil die agak memuaskan.. tu psl la selang sehari aku buat tu..heheh....
cara cara nye adalah seperti berikut....:
(ni care aku bwt supaya tak bersepah dan kotor dan melekit sgt...)

Ambil putih telur dan tisu..yes tisu yg kite buat lap mulut tu, yg dlm kotak tu..
koyak koyak kan tisu sebesar 3 jari
sapukan putih telur td mengikut bahagian demi bahagian then letak kan tisu
contoh-sapu putih telur d bahagian pipi then tampal tisu kt bhgn tu, kemudian sapu lg bhgn lain n tampal,ulang sampai keseluruhan muka.
tunggu sampai kering. sbb aku jenis yg malas nk tnggu lame2 so aku ngadap kipas supaya cepat kering.
korg akan terasa kulit muke tegang bile dh kering dh selagi korg tak tanggal kan slagi tu korg akan terasa makin menegang. best...
then bile dh kering..peel off k. jgn basuh plak..tgk la hasil nye..

ok...masker kt muke aku ni dh kering..aku nk buka n nk tgk keterujaan hasil nye...wahhhh....

So...selamat mencube...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tim Booth and Angelo Badalamenti - Fall in Love With Me

Ease your lips into a velvet kiss
While I enfold you
Move your hands
across this promised land
The seekers guided by the pole star
Say the words why don't you say the words
I have been waiting long to hear
Please fall in love with me

Drift with me upon an endless sea
We are divine in the realm of these senses
Every move has been subterfuge
While we pretend that we really dont care
Lose your fear we may be strangers here
But I can feel we might be one
Please fall in love with me

I hear the sound of moons falling
Surrender to this charm
I breeze across your soul darling
Deep eternity

Lost your mind well don't you think its time
To swim away from the safety of these beaches
Trust the tides they know which way to flow
And don't you long to flow so far
Moved by waves we've never felt before
Till we are floating way out deep
Please fall in love with me
Please fall in love with me
Please, with me

~1st song he dedicated

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


why am i sooo stupid tak pk sblm ni yg simkad fon biase bole masokkan kt dlm broadband...ciss...slame ni aku pakai fon je..kalau aaku tau...deyy!!!...sronok nye bole update kat lappy..bole upload gmbr...huhu...

So alang2 dh online pakai lappy ni aku nk upload gmbr yg dh lme aku nk upload tp d sebabkan malas nk g cc...huhuhu....

Kt bwh ni adalah gmbr2 dinner last month...for dat nite aku pakai baju lame arwah mak...


Oh mygosh!!!...wat happen 2 me? Why I feeling do down lately...everythng went wrong for me...everything... Yg jd mangsa is him..kesian die asik kene pujuk aku..im sorie 4 my behavior lately ni.. I didnt mean to make u feel like dat...bt thank u soo much coz tetap brtahan melayan kerenah aku yg sungguh ngada2... I know I hurt u when im in dis kind of atittude bt hmmm...im soooo sorie...hope u'll forgive me dear...

Coz of my bad attitude? I dont know... Tp lately ni aku rase down sgt2..rase rendah diri.. Rase diri ni sungguh tak perfect...deymm!!...so not gud.. Im not dis kind of person b4..wat happened to me? Bile time2 cmni dtg, sesungguhnye I need sum1 yg btol2 bole menenangkan aku, not by listening to me juz by look at her face..dat enuff..im gonna b cool down..tp skang ni aku dh tak dapat lihat n tatap wajah tu lg dh...

Actly almost everynite im cried coz I miz her soooo much...td dok berborak ngh ayah, die tunjuk gmbr2 arwah mak..lg la aku rase sedih...dh 3 bln lebih mak tinggal kn kami...ya ALLAH..kuatkan semangat aku yg ALLAH...

I wanna have a deeper conversation wit someone.. I know I hv him tp die bz. Our time is only at midnite..time tu sure2dh ngantok..then bile brsembg ngn org tgh mamai ni sia2 sbb mmg die tak dgr..haha..cm ckp sorg.. I know if u read dis u not gonna like it coz too open for public but dis is the only way utk aku meluahkan ape yg aku smpn..honestly aku xbanyak menulis skng ni sbb aku xnk if ade cerita2 yg aku tulis ni akan mengecilkan ati die yg sedia ada kecil ni...haha..hmm...hope u xkn gv up ngn i...im not dat perfect n im not gud enuff..byk sgt bende yg kurang dlm diri aku ni..hope die dpt trime aku..n i'll try my best utk berubah mnjd better... I lov u n I dont wanna hurt u tp I dh ter-hurt u..im sorie...forgive me...again...

Byk yg nk d luahkan tp some story hv to remain silence, hv to keep it utk menjage ati org sekeliling..ala..smpn skit sakit utk diri sndr ape salahnye kalau itu bole mengajar n mematangkan n mmenguatkan diri, hati n perasaan..
Ok..ape aku melalut ni?..
see..bile menulis aku lupe jp dgn ape yg brmain dlm kepala otak aku td..xlme, kejap pn jd la..janji mate xbengkak...haha...


Monday, October 10, 2011


It been awhile I didnt write anything..soo many thing happened n soo many thing to write but mood takde... So today I think I juz wanna write bout wat I feel now... Having a relationship with him really2 makes me happy n he is totally fill my emptyness..tp living sorrounding his lifestyle n frens sometimes makes me feel like a...hmmm...''ok..im not dat gud enuff...'' atau ''aku tak setanding mereka..''' I mean like a...ok, my job is totally out of my studied field, my salary is totally...hmm....so2...n. My life is totally not fun... I think sbb aku duduk kt ipo ni menjadikan aku seorg yg sungguh membosankan.. But wat should I do? Aku tak sampai ati nak tinggalkan ayah aku even abg aku n wife n anak die haikal living together ngn ayah aku..sbb aku d only daughter yg ada utk die meluahkan ape yg die rase.. Im not gonna leave my dad..i love him soo much..k..stop talking bout dat b4 I start to cry.. I miz arwah mak soo muchhhh...ok stop...Guess I hv to stop now coz aku dh mule emotional dh ni...huh...bye...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It gud hv some1 u lov, lov u back.. I cn say dat dis is d most beautiful relationship I ever had n I cnt efford 2 loose him after d lost of my mum.. N he is d 2nd guy I lov d most after my dad.. I always pray dat he'll b my future.. I'll try my best 2 b s gud s I can coz I want him 2 b happy n feel loved by me.. Amin..

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This pic was taken mase aku trun kl last two week...lpk ngn aida n aza n dilla sungguh menyeronokkan...lepas rindu kt dieorg...

satay minang kt kg baru...sedappp...nyam2

the cat sungguh super big k...

at hospital..bf aida xcident...thank god tak terok...