Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There’s a girl,
A girl dat ticks my heart evrytime we’re together,
A girl dat god sent frm above,
A girl with too many characters dat hard to xplain,
Her laughter her smile eases me,
The genuine smile shows me dat her heart is pure,
Im confuse of my feelings,
Im scared of making decision,
Shadowed by my past makes me blind,
As the star shines with thousand bliss,
Im down with thousand mists,
Mists dat covers my heart with sadness,
But she’s there to light up my dark path,
How am I supposed to deal wit it?
How am I supposed to show her wat I hide inside?
Im scared,
Again the shadow comes,
Its been haunting me every single day,
Dat makes my mouth shut tight,
But sumhow 1 day I know,
I'll overcome the shadow,
And it’ll be my history dat I can just smile whnever I think about it,
Too many promises has been broken,
Too many hearts been broken,
Enough is enough,
Confusion will gone soon,
Hope D-day will be the happiest day of my life wit her…

dis poem was written by him...

somehow thnks a lot...coz pernah jd kn i org penting dlm idup u even sekejap sangat...i appreciated it...

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