Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Its not dat I totally 4get arwah mak..it juz dat im scare to think n remember n to miz her.. Coz whenever I think about her..i emotionally breakdown n really cnt handle my sadness.. I miz her so much..i miz her alot.. Im not strong enuff..bt im pretended to b.honestly I miz her every second..im avoiding to seeing at her pictures coz immediately im gonna cry. People might seeing me smile n happy but deep down im not sometime. I cnt b alone coz so many things on my mind when im alone.
Im weak..im totally weak. Bt im pretended to b strong n dont mind bout certain things. People might thinking that im heartless n mayb changing,. Yes i've learned to b harsh. I've trained my heart to b heartless. For my own good. Everytime I b like dat, im crying coz I know I hurt someone I love..im sorie for dat bt I hv to or. Im gonna hurt myself even more.. I've been hurt sooo many many time. Even my heart didnt hv more time to heal, it broke...even worst. Hv to blame myself for being sooo easy to fell.. From dat, i've learned. Im sorie..i know i've hurt u alot. Didnt mean to....
We already know dat, in a relationship should hv different personality or attitude so dat we can complete each other. Am I rite? Hv u ever think in a relationship, if both of them fragile? Yg cni merajuk n the same time partner die pn merajok.. Dont u think its gonna b worst?..hmm..

Im going to far actly.. Started with other story end up with cerita lain.. Juz a heart talk b4 sleep..

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