Monday, October 10, 2011


It been awhile I didnt write anything..soo many thing happened n soo many thing to write but mood takde... So today I think I juz wanna write bout wat I feel now... Having a relationship with him really2 makes me happy n he is totally fill my living sorrounding his lifestyle n frens sometimes makes me feel like a...hmmm...'' not dat gud enuff...'' atau ''aku tak setanding mereka..''' I mean like a...ok, my job is totally out of my studied field, my salary is totally...hmm....so2...n. My life is totally not fun... I think sbb aku duduk kt ipo ni menjadikan aku seorg yg sungguh membosankan.. But wat should I do? Aku tak sampai ati nak tinggalkan ayah aku even abg aku n wife n anak die haikal living together ngn ayah aku..sbb aku d only daughter yg ada utk die meluahkan ape yg die rase.. Im not gonna leave my dad..i love him soo much..k..stop talking bout dat b4 I start to cry.. I miz arwah mak soo muchhhh...ok stop...Guess I hv to stop now coz aku dh mule emotional dh ni...huh...bye...

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