Saturday, July 23, 2011

28 mei 1947 - 29 jun 2011 - beloved mum

29 jun 2011..i've lost someone dat i love the most in my life..someone dat brought me into dis world..someone dat took care of me since i was little till the age of 25..EMAK.. She had past away at d age of 64..she died bcoz of cancer.. I still got tounge many things to say, so many things to write bt..hmm...

Tp bile Tuhan ambil nyawa mak aku, Dia hantar seseorg utk menenangkan aku. Someone who always by my side every second whenever im feeling down, whenever i feel sad, whenever i feel stress..someone who always by my side whenever im going crazy..he came rite on time..if not bcoz of him, tot i might going mentaly ill. Sometimes im feeling guilty. However thankx 4 always b by myside whenever i need u. Im not replacing my mum. Mak will always inside my heart..deep inside..

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